Games List

The machines look the part, as are the game boards we use inside them! We get it though, there's one game that you are looking to teleport you back to the good memories of falling in love with arcade video games...

So, don't hesitate! We will let you know if the game you are looking for is on the game board in the machine you are looking to purchase and even if it's not we will do our best to cater for you as we are able to sometimes locate and install what you are looking for.

Upright Arcade Cabinets have the following game boards available.

Pandora Box has a huge 2992 games in 1.

Hyperspin is required for light-up gun games and takes the game list up to a massive 9000 in 1.

Coffee & Cocktail Table has the following game boards available.

60 in 1 - Standard
412 in 1 - Upgraded

The 3-sided Table comes with 1162 - 1 as standard.

To see the games list please get in touch at