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Minotaur Cabinet - 2 Player Full Size Cabinet Kit - BitCade UK

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Manufacturer: Bitcade 
Product Dimensions: 59cm (W) x 61cm (D) x 160cm (H)

Style: Upright

Material: 18mm Laminated MDF
Monitor Size: Up to a 24", 4:3 (square) & 16:9 (widescreen) Ratios

Number Of Players: 2


  • Made In Great Britain

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This is the brand new Bitcade 2 Player Full-Size Arcade Cabinet Kit. This model is crafted from 18mm black laminated MDF. This cabinet has been designed with multi-function in mind and can support a variety of different hardware from JAMMA game boards to a Raspberry Pi. The adjustable VESSA monitor mount supports up to either a 24", 4:3 ratio (square) or 24", 16:9 ratio (widescreen) LCD monitor, so you can choose the monitor shape you like. The control panel sports 6 buttons per player in a Japanese Hori style fight stick layout that is comfortable to use for all games, especially fighters. The joystick mounting holes have been pre-drilled and the recessed joystick mounting design supports a selection of popular joysticks including Zippyy, Sanwa, Seimitsu and more. The kit comes complete with a very strong and solid high-quality clear Plexi glass screen and marquee and all the necessary fixtures and fittings to build it. With its clever design and simple assembly, you will be retro gaming in no time.



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    The journey your arcade machine makes from order to your front door!


    Choose Your Perfect Arcade Machine
    Choose from the many incredible upgrades to make your dream machine. Go full bespoke with custom artwork. Need something even more bespoke? Get in touch and we will be happy to help!


    Each Machine Is Hand Built In The UK
    In the safe hands of our expert craftsmen, each machine is hand built on site in Bristol, UK from premium melamine MDF sheets to finished CE-certified products. 


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    At each stage of the journey, we use high-quality materials and rigorous testing methods to ensure quality. Each machine is photographed before an intensive wrapping process. 


    Kerbside Pallet Delivery
    Each machine arrives wrapped on a pallet delivered to the kerbside, coffee, cocktail, bartop and 24-inch can be manoeuvred by two people, 27inch + machines come with wheels as standard but we recommend extra hands! +

    Made in Britain

    Bitcade is a small, devoted team based in Bristol and over the last five years we have made it our goal to produce the best custom arcades machines in the business. Set over 12,000 square foot and over 3 units we are now the UK’s largest producer of custom built arcade machines.


    What Is The Cost Of A Typical Arcade Machine? 

    The average cost of one of our Arcade Machines across all styles is approximately £1400. Our basic unit is £999 and our high end is £2249 without factoring in upgrades.

    We have a number of upgrades for you to choose, from lightguns, button packs through to game boards and many more. If you’re not sure, get in touch with us and we’ll happily talk you through them all.
    What Type Or Kind Arcade Machine Should I Buy? 
    This really depends on what sort of gaming experience you want. Often this comes from the kinds of games you like to play, where the machine will live (at home or work) and your budget. All of these factors influence screen size, artwork, game selection and physical size.

    Again get in touch with us and we can advise you.
    What Type Of Light Guns Do You Supply?
    We supply the only light gun on the market at the moment. It's called Aimtrak and it uses IR technology like the Nintendo Wii.
    What If My Arcade Machine Needs To Be Delivered Inside, Downstairs Or Upstairs?
    Delivery is kerb side but everything is secure inside so you can lift it into place with 2 people. The arcade machine weighs between 60-100kg.
    Do You Arcade Machine Use A Standard Household Electrical Outlet?
    Yes all arcade machines use an IEC socket and provided cable. They will plug into any household socket using the same style cable as a computer. It's called a kettle lead.
    Will I Have To Use Coins To Play My Arcade Machine? Can I Charge People To Play It?

    No you won’t need coins, however we can fit a coin mechanism if you would like. Customers like these either for the “feeling” or to make money in a pub or other place of business. Please note, there is an additional cost to install the mechanism.

    All machines can have the coin mechanism installed except the 24 inch machines. If you don't have a coin mechanism installed then the machine is set to free play or you have a “credit” button on the hyperspin machines.
    Do You Have A Service And Repair Center?
    No, we don't service or repair older arcade machines. We can repair any Bitcade manufactured machines that fall out of warranty. 
    Do You Sell Replacement Parts?
    Yes we carry replacements and spares for our machines. Not for older arcade machines.
    What Happens If Arcade Machine Is Delivered Damaged Or Not Working?
    In the very rare circumstances that an arcade machine is delivered to you faulty. We will fix it. Either on-site or we will replace it with a new machine.
    Do I Have To Do Any Sort Of Setup Or Assembly After My Arcade Machine Is Delivered?
    No, we don't service or repair older arcade machines. We can repair any Bitcade manufactured machines that fall out of warranty. 
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